Pilgrim Cafe

At Pilgrim House, there are book cafe Abba Amma for spiritual fellowship and House Beautiful Cafe in the woods of Pilgrimage Park.

Spiritual Growth . Abba amma

Book Cafe Abba Amma is on 2F of Jerusalem Building, and is a place you can enjoy fellowship over coffee and refreshments, or quietly read a book. You may purchase books on spirituality, CDs, tapes, and other souvenirs.

Abba Amma

Abba Amma means dad, mom in Aramaic, but in Desert Father monasteries, the male leaders are called Abba, and female leaders are called Amma. We named the café Abba Amma in the hope that all Christians who visit Pilgrim House will be raised as true leaders of our time. We can grow spiritually through rest and conversations at a café.


8 am – 10 pm (coffee sales: 10 am – 7:30 pm)


2F Jerusalem Building

Beautiful House Cafe . God’s Beautiful House on Life’s Journey

House Beautiful Cafe in The Pilgrim’s Progress Pilgrimage Park is a place of rest and spiritual recovery during pilgrimage. With God’s creation of nature in the background, you can enjoy reading spiritual books and meditate on your past pilgrimage.


10 am – 5 pm


Pilgrim’s Progress Pilgrimage Park