Pilgrim House

is not a prayer retreat center.

Pilgrim House is not a traditional retreat center. Pilgrim House uses monastery language but is not a monastery. Pilgrim House is a modern Christian spiritual center that borrows from the monastery’s wisdom. We expect all visitors to remain silent or speak softly when not taking part in a seminar or meeting.

Silence and solitude 

is our motto of existence.

Our vision is to bring hope to the world, through meditation and action. We expect all visitors to spend time in silent meditation here, and leave as pilgrims ready to change the world.

Silence and solitude 

Spiritual Center, Rural Church

Pilgrim House is a ‘home for pilgrims’ with comfortable accommodation for visitors. Pilgrim House is also Global Mission Church’s spiritual center. At this new type of Christian spirituality center, you can spend time in prayerful meditation and experience a rich spiritual journey. Furthermore, Pilgrim House is Global Mission Church’s rural church, where you can worship God in beautiful nature. At Pilgrim House, you can find rest, spiritual growth, and worship, as it is a house of rest and restoration in the Father’s arms.