Welcome to Pilgrim House,

where pilgrims find rest and a fresh new start. 

Here await green pastures and menucha by still waters. 

This is the house of renovaré for your soul.

*menucha – rest / renovaré – renewal

More than anything, pilgrims need rest. By resting, pilgrims gain strength for the pilgrimage ahead. But you need an appropriate place to rest. This is why we opened Pilgrim House in Gapyeong, one of the most scenic places in Korea. 

Pilgrim House boasts of its beautiful scenery. Surrounded by Mt. Sudeoksan, Mt. Myeongjisan and Mt. Yeoninsan, you can hear the water streaming down Yongchu Valley. In Korea’s finest spiritual center, pilgrims can experience entering the heavenly sanctuary. 

With Global Mission Church’s spiritual guidance and godly servants washing your feet, may you find the blessing of Shabbat amidst your weary journey. Menucha of green pastures and still waters await you – here, at the house of renovaré of your soul. 

Welcome. I hope you get a taste of heaven here at Pilgrim House.