Pilgrim's Progress Seminars

At Pilgrim House, we have Pilgrim’s Progress seminars for Christians – adults, youths and children – walking their pilgrimage in faith. Attendees will become a pilgrim and join Christian on his pilgrimage and be challenged with life lessons. Through this seminar, many pilgrims have had beautiful rest, experienced God deeply and [gained] spiritual strength to go out to the world. Church groups, cell groups, small groups, families and individuals may come to attend.

Seminar Schedule

Individuals and Groups

Every Mon / Tues / Wed / Thurs / Fri / Sat (no classes on Sunday)

TIME A 10:00 ~ 12:00

TIME B 12:30 ~ 15:20 (including lunchtime)

TIME C 14:00 ~ 16:30

* Can register for adult, youth or children’s program separately. 

  (Consult with the reservation manager after making your reservation)

Seminar Order

1. Rev. Daniel Lee's video lecture/sharing / 30 min.

2. Guided pilgrimage / 1 hr. 30 min.

You may register for the seminars on the Pilgrim Reservation Center.
Click the button below for the link to the reservation page.

Seminar reservation guide


1. Read the information on each character and location. Walk after a guide or on your own in a mode of prayer.

2. Please follow the order of the signs on the Pilgrimage Park and walk in silence.

3. If you need to meditate, please stay a little longer and look back on your faith.

4. Remember the thanksgiving, repentance, decisions and warnings you experienced on the pilgrimage road. They will guide your journey of sanctification.

5. As you complete the walk in Pilgrim’s Progress Pilgrimage Park, we pray you will also finish your life’s journey in faith.