John Bunyan's Pilgrimage

Depart from the City of Destruction, from the Wicket Gate to the Cross

01. City of Destruction

02. Christian and Evangelist

03. Obstinate and Pliable

04. Slough of Despond and Help

05. Worldly Wiseman

06. Wicket Gate

07. Goodwill

08. House of Interpreter

09. Portrait of Shepherd

10. A Man sweeping Dust and a Girl sprinkling Water

11. Passion and Patience

12. A Devil extinguishing Fire and Christ pouring Oil

13. A Man in an Iron Cage

14. Cross and three Angels

From the Cross to House Beautiful

15. Simple, Sloth and Presumptio

16. Formalist and Hypocrisy

17. Hill Difficulty

18. Timorous and Mistrust

19. Two Lions

20. House Beautiful

21. Peace Room

22. Library

23. Armory

From House Beautiful to the Valley of the Shadow of Death

24. Valley of Humiliation

25. Valley of the Shadow of Death

26. Faithful

27. Vanity Fair

28. Christian and Hopeful

29. Statue of Lot‘s Wife

30. Prison of Giant Despair

31. Delectable Mountain

From Delectable Mountains to the Land of Beulah to Entering the Celestial City

32. Four Shepherds

33. Ignorance

34. Little Faith

35. Enchanted Ground

36. Land of Beulah

37. River of Death

38. Christian and Hopeful

39. Celestial City