Pilgrim Garden

Introducing the quiet spaces of rest and healing at Pilgrim House

Sky Garden

Touching the Skies

Sky Garden is a space where you can take a walk in beautiful nature and breathe in clean air. Here you can enjoy deep meditation and comforting rest in quiet.


4F Galilee Building

Cross Garden

Meditation of the Cross and Baptism

This garden is in the center of Jerusalem Building. There is a stairway and an outdoor baptistery shaped in a cross, following the tradition of the early church. Except the cold winters, from late spring to early fall, the baptistery may be used. In other seasons, this place is good for walking and meditating on the cross.


Center of Jerusalem Building



Healing Garden

Meditation with the Body and Soul

On the rooftop of the guestrooms, you can breathe in fresh air from Mt. Myungji, Mt. Sudeok and Mt. Yeonin, walk on the acupressure trail and do a simple workout. You can enjoy meditating in nature.


5F Galilee Building rooftop

Wild Flower Garden

Joy from Nature

More than thirty kinds of wild flowers such as dianthus, daylily, dicentra, and dendranthema blossom in their season. The pilgrim’s heart becomes like nature and you can feel the comfort of an old forest.


Hills on both sides as you go from Pilgrim House entrance to Galilee Building