Pilgrim’s Terrace

The Wilderness Terrace boasts of the best view in Pilgrim House. Emmaus Terrace is full of nature’s sound and warm sunshine.

Training Ground of Faith

Wilderness Terrace

This space is for quiet reflection before and after meals in the wilderness. With natural wind, light, clean air, and beautiful water sounds of the creek, you can feel that God is alive. Wilderness Terrace will be a resting place for your soul.

Wilderness Terrace

In the Bible, the wilderness is a training ground of faith and passage, and a resting place for believers. Wilderness Terrace has the best scenic view at Pilgrim House. Here you can see the vast Korean fields, the sky, roads and romantic farms.


2F Jerusalem Building

Meet the Resurrected Lord

Emmaus Terrace

This spacious terrace at the entrance of Pilgrim House is closest to nature. You can feel the presence of our resurrected Lord as you walk through the sounds of wind, water and birds.


1F Jerusalem Building